March 30

Slice of life almost done!

I already know that I am just 1 day away from completing the challenge.


So, I am happy to complete the challenge once again for this year.


Though I am still wondering how much other people finished the slice of life. I hope you can post a comment on the side to let me know if you did. I hope you are having a great day, farewell for now!

–Alex S.

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March 29

Apps I might get…

Heres a list of games I might be getting when I get my new smart phone.


1. Plants Vs Zombies Heroes.


although hard to explain, it is kind of like hearthstone.


Just a lot more, plants-vs-zombiesish


2. Rust bucket


Made by Nitrome, it was supposedly an improvement to an old online game, ‘turnament.’

Which was spelled like that, read the icon. ↙️



Which now looks like this:


3. Shooty Skies.


From the makers of Crossy road, Shooty skies is shooter involving the same graphics.


though I just just think they made it in the weirdest way possible.

Thats all I can list for now, but I will soon tell you some more. Until now, farewell!

–Alex S.

March 28

Nothing to blog about?

🎶🎵 Nothing to blog about Dum Dee Dum Dum 🎵🎶

Yep, my mind is just BLANK


Yes, that blank. So, I’m just writing a random post that  you might as well continue reading. I don’t know why but just keep reading.


anyway, I don’t know what to say to interest any of you. So… I have nothing else to say now. But don’t worry… tomorrows post well be better than todays,


–Alex S.

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March 27

Images, didn’t you just miss them?

Oh, and emoji. 😜


anyway, back at home sweet, home.


So here I am now. I had lots of fun though. I got a plush emoji keychain:


I’m also a pretty good swimmer. I got goggles to see underwater.


But at least I blog with images now. The challenge is almost done, and I will of course finish it.


But thats it for today. Well, until tomorrow! 😉

–Alex S.

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March 26

6 hours at the mall.

Thats right, I spent 6 hours at the mall today and my feet are ACHING!!! Most of the things were for my mom, but IU gotmyself a polo T-shirt, 3 pairs of pants, swim googles, and a keychain that had my name on it. Tomarrow I will return home and finish the challenge. (With images) So I hope to return back to my normal blogging routine by Easter.

–Alex S.

March 25


So… turns out there are some public copmuers in this hotel. Sadly, the next few posts will not have any images due to this computer. Still, I will be completeing the clice of life challenge. So I will be posting for the next few days to make it to the end of this challenge. I hope to be back at home and adding images (and emojis) to my posts.

–Alex S.

March 24


So, for the last few days of the slice of life challenge, I will be in Wisconsin for spring break.


So, I’l have to make 5 posts today! Well, either that or there is a public computer in Wisconsin I can use.


But I am NOT taking risks! I WILL write 5 posts today. So, with me luck.

🌈🍀 🌈

March 23

R.A.W.R.S. Talent show!

Hello Friends and Followers! So, last year we din’t have a talent show, but this year we do!


Then again, I will be hosting alongside my friend Aydan. Since were both in the same grade this time…

(Flashback, 1st time I hosted I was in 3rd grade and was working with a 5th grader, Know me & Aydan are both in 5th grade)

We cancel each other out, which means we are BOTH co-hosts.

We will also be presenting our own acts. Aydan will be singing with Frances (Blogger of What Happens Next?) as he plays his Ukelele to the tune, Let Her Go.

(Found it!)


I will be doing the act I was supposed to do with Patrick the other year. But now I’m doing it with Sidney, which is Aydan’s brother. It’s a skit thats called WHO’s on 1st.


Little confused there? Don’t worry, that sentence won’t make sense to much people!


Pat though, is still doing stand up comedy this year.

smiley_lol_extrem__animated__by_mondspeer-d7194hs f569bfed-9e13-4b04-9ca8-8c2143b888da graphics-lol-443148

He’ll do great! Anyway, do you have any talents? Post a comment below!

–Alex S.