August 24

1st day of school!

The first day of school was great! All my friends are in my class, I have a a great new teacher, (Ms. Mc.cauley) We did lots of things! Will came over later and we had a great time! We played in the backyard and played Mario on the Wii afterward! We had a great time! I think 5th grade is going to be a good year. And you ? how was your first day at school! Don’t forget to write a comment below!




August 13

Registered ‘n’ Ready!

Back to School is way good and bad for me, 5 principal reasons each compared by my friends, GOOD Guy & BAD Boy. Here’s what they said:



1. See my old friends again!

2. New people!

3. More to learn!

4. More Opportunities!

5. Start making new friends!



1. Consequences!

2. Half of the day gone!

3. Bullying!

4. Frustrating tests and report cards!

5. Your alarm clock goes back to 7 am! 

Hmm… I guess The next school year will be a bit challenging, The older the closer to graduation and as more hazards come.

What about you? Felling sad, or happy for the next school yer? Got any other reasons? (Good or bad) type in a comment below!

I dedicate this post to To Diego H. For being a good friend and cares a lot for me. Where ever he is, (He moved to Panama, I suppose) I will always remember him as a good friend, ‘sidekick’, and Companion.

–Alex S.

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