May 13

The list of SUPER DUPER EXTRA IMPORTANT Things about Alex S.

Hello every body! here are some things you might want to know ago ME!

1. My name is Alex, but you can call me #DaFrenchFreak instead!

2. I am a fan of…Unknown-3 images-2 Unknown-2 Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.03.46 AM Unknown-1 Unknown-4imgresimgres

3. I am good at…images-5 images-4 Unknown-1 Unknownimages

4. Some of my hobbies are…Unknown-3 Unknown-6 images-6 Unknown-5imgres

I am…Unknown-8 Unknown-11 Unknown-7 Unknown-10 Unknown-9 1771?itok=91A0d2dJ images-7


But most of all,

Don’t be afraid to be as unique as I am.

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It does not matter who you are, how you act, or how you spend your life. what really matters is bringing the full potential of you and think outside the perspective of others. Just be yourself, be unique

–Alex S.

2 thoughts on “The list of SUPER DUPER EXTRA IMPORTANT Things about Alex S.

  1. Colleen

    Alex, I loved all the pictures you used to tell your story. I really felt like it helped me to understand you. What a great idea. I wish me students could arrange their blog like that, too!


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